Jobsite location-  1.5 miles up mountain in  Holyoke MASS

  • Ground conditions glacial till large boulders with rock ledge through the hole.
  • Foundation  10’ diameter 29’6” total.


Location- Sea Girt NJ

  • Ground conditions – Running Sand and gravel water table at 1-3’ depending on tide
  • Job description- 33 foundations 48” x 17’ for solar canopies
  • PD supplied and installed 260+ yards of concrete
  • PD fabricated and installed all rebar needed for the project all in house
  • PD was required to set anchor bolts to a tolerance of 1/16”
  • Finished caisson concrete elevations could not vary more than ¼”

Location- Elmer NJ

  • Ground conditions- Sand and gravel with water table between 4-10’
  • Job Description- Extension to existing substation 1 foundation 10’x38’and 7 foundations 9’x 43’
  • PD vibrated steel casing to full depth as required by spec.
  • PD supplied and installed over 820 yards of concrete for the project and GC suppled the rebar
  • PD set anchor bolts to spec on location and plumb
  • PD was able to achieve the deadline of less than 4 weeks to complete job

Location- Middletown DE

  • Project Description-New 8 mile transmission line for Delmarva power low headroom drill rig required 30’ tall
  • Ground conditions- running sands and silty gravel all holes required slurry drilling
  • Scope of work- Precision Drilling installed turnkey foundations from 72”-96” up to 30’6” deep.
  • PD supplied and installed all concrete over 530 yards used
  • PD fabricated and delivered all rebar for the crew’s onsite to install
  • PD achieved all deadlines as required by the customer and 3 rigs working on the project.
  • Some locations required pulling 6+ concrete trucks over half a mile each way in and out to pour the foundations due to the wet swampy ground conditions.


Location- Boston MA

  • Project description- PD was contracted to drill foundation hole 90” x 80’ deep.
  • PD supplied all water and storage tanks for the slurry method hole.
  • Hole locations was next to sidewalk and street within 5’
  • The hole from start to finish was drilled in less than 24 working hours.
  • Due to the fill and ground conditions PD was forced to case the hole to 40’ deep until suitable material was encountered.



 Location- Belmar NJ

  • Project Description- Telecommunications tower 96”x 47’ turnkey foundation.
  • With the water table at 8’ the slurry method was required.
  • PD installed a top casing for the first 10’ of the shaft only.
  • PD supplied installed concrete 110 yards used in a monolithic pour.


Location- Tobyhanna PA

  • 1 hole 9’ x 35’
  • High water table running sands with boulders and rock ledges
  • PD mobilized the biggest truck rig made to this day to drill through the tough geological conditions for cost effectiveness and schedule.
  • PD screwed casing to depth through some of the most extreme drilling conditions.
  • PD was forced to run an air swivel with a DTH to advance hole.


Location- Tuscaloosa Alabama

  • Ground Conditions- Silty red stiff clay
  • Job Description- PD was contracted to perform all foundations for solar panel canopies.
  • A total of 38 caissons 36” up to 17’ total. All caissons were formed 30” above grade and anchor bolts set to 1/16” tolerance. Precision was also contracted to perform 10 spread footing foundations 10’ x 9’ x 36” depth with 30” formed height and setting of anchor bolts.
  • PD supplied all concrete and rebar totaling over 300 yards of concrete used.
  • PD cut all blacktop and sidewalks out to make a clean finish of all concrete work


Location- Matawan NJ

  • Ground conditions- Silty sands water reading at 9’ deep
  • Job Description- telecommunications tower Precision Drilling was hired to perform a complete foundation start to finish 96” diameter 53’ deep. Precision drilling supplied and installed all concrete and rebar to spec. Rebar cage was built in house and delivered by PD. Precision installed the complete foundation in less than 30 working hours. This hole required storage frack tanks to hold drill slurry to drill the hole and to store the drill slurry while the hole was being poured. Foundation used 120 yards of concrete pumped in less than 2.5 hours.

Location – Rustburg VA

  • 96”x 30’ tight access cell tower compound next to an existing tower
  • Precision performed a turnkey caisson

Location- Manassas VA

  • 84”x 26’ cell tower foundation
  • Water table at 10’ sealed casing into diabase bedrock at 20’
  • Drilled rock socket 84”x 6’ deep
  • This foundation was drilled and poured in less than 48 working hours

Tunkhannock PA

  • Ground Conditions- Sand Cobbles boulders to a red sandstone rock. PD was drilling starting at streambed elevation
  • Job Description- 60 holes 20” diameter 15’ deep predrilling for a bridge abutment. Precision Drilling used a dual rotary style drill rig on tracks. 90% of the holes were on 15 degree batter in tight access. All holes completed in less than 60 working hours.


Location-Baltimore Maryland

  • Drill rig used- Texoma Taurus XL truck mounted drill
  • Ground conditions- Decomposed rock to solid bedrock
  • Job Description- 3 legged communications tower required 3 caissons 7’ diameter 40’ deep. Precision Drilling mobilized the largest truck mounted drill made to this site knowing the rock would get very hard.
  • Precision built all cages in house that required 40 # 14 vertical rebar per cage.
  • All concrete was supplied by Precision Drilling.
  • PD installed the GC’s anchor bolts with 1/8” tolerance on elevation and location.
  • This job was completed in less than 5 working days due to the experience of our field staff. 171 yards of concrete poured in less than 16 working hours.

Baltimore1 Baltimore2

Location- Kearny NJ

  • Equipment used- Watson 3100 Crawler Drill
  • Ground Conditions- Decomposed shale to solid sandstone
  • Job Description- 15 holes 30” diameter 25’ deep to support a permanent retaining wall. Precision Drilling was contracted to drill all holes to spec with a 5’ rock socket. Precision set all H beams to spec tolerance of 1” and poured concrete to proper elevations for the precast panels to sit on. All holes drilled and poured in less than 10 working days.


Costa Rica

  • Drill rig used- IMT AF 80 equipped with a down the hole hammer
  • Ground conditions- Boulders with sand to bedrock
  • Job Description- 48 holes 24” diameter 30-45’ deep. Job was based in the rain forest with no cell service for miles. The closest town was 65 miles away. Project was a secant pile wall to divert water to another power plant.


Winchester VA

  • 120” x 30’ 6”
  • Precision was contracted to install a turnkey foundation for a cell tower monopole. Access was very challenging with a dozer to pull the drill rig onto the compound. All concrete trucks delivered short loads due to the slopes.

Philadelphia PA

  • Ground conditions- Sandy clay mica to solid bedrock
  • Job Description- Pre-drilling for 104 piles for a new bridge over Amtrak rails 24” diameter 15’-20’ deep. 77 holes were on a batter and 27 plumb piles. All low headroom drilling under wires.
  • Precision was contracted to perform 24” cased holes to top of rock and drill a 5’ rock socket at each hole location. The site was along railroad tracks with tight access. Each employee was required to be Amtrak certified. When it came to crunch time, Precision mobilized 2 drill rigs and worked many hours of overtime to keep the customer happy. This project required 2 separate mobilizations. Out of 104 holes 27 of the holes were on a 3:12 batter working underneath the drill rig. With overhead wires in the vicinity the job required low clearance drill rigs.